Join a team!

The Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition has teams that do work! Four priorities emerged from the WI Transgender Community Assessment where transgender and gender non-conforming took a survey and participated in focus groups. The priorities for future work were:

  • Centering racial justice through intentional collaboration and community building with leaders in transgender communities of color
  • Access to transgender competent health care, providers, and resources
  • Working to eliminate violence towards transgender and gender non-conforming people
  • Non-discrimination in public spheres that impacts transgender people’s access (employment, housing, legal services)

At the May 2nd Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition Summit, the outstanding community of people generated a large list of actions and ideas of how to start addressing the these four priorities. The teams (group who will actively work on this issue) were:

Coalition Convening Team: maintains the vision and structure of the coalition.

  1. Holds priorities in mind and works to ensure strategies are in line with them.
    1. Racial Justice
    2. Transgender Competent Providers/Access to Healthcare
    3. Eliminating Violence
    4. Nondiscrimination in public spheres
  2. Upholds Structure
    1. Meets x times per year, for x amount of time
    2. Facilitates communication between meetings
    3. Convenes meetings and sets agenda
    4. Branding/marketing
    5. Financial Strategy
    6. Enforces monitoring and assessment process

Resource Creation Team: Creates and shepards resources specific to certain communities or needs of the transgender communities, this might include specific communitites (examples: trans people of color, sex workers), and creating specific types of recources like provider lists, anti-violence (knowing rights), intimate partner violence, military resources, transgender buddy hotlines/mentoring/peers within systems

Education and Training Team: assists with training and education of professionals and businesses, including building relationships with traininers and refering those trainers, and creating visibility for education opportunities

Policy & Advocacy Team: Advocates for changes to policies at various levels

  1. Nondiscrimination policies at city, statewide levels
  2. Organizational policy (HR policies, hiring, insurance, etc)

Data Team: continuously work to collect data in transgender and gender non-conforming communities, promote data collection efforts that will benefit transgender communities, do secondary analysis on data that already exist that count transgender people, and write reports that will allow transgender  people to know what is going on via the data and use it to create change.

To join a team check out when the meet by looking at the calendar! Email witranshealth@gmail.com for questions about the teams and point people!


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